ZETA owns and operates Class A all-weather warehouses that are designed with high sense of security and for safe handling of cargo conveniently. These warehouses are located to serve Air and Sea cargo. Some of our warehouses are installed with highly sensitive Infra Red security systems, with 24-hour security guards enforcement and equipped with fire fighting systems.

We also arrange / provide ambient, chilled and frozen, hazardous and composite warehouses, which can be share-used or dedicated, multi-functional, automated or manual depending on customer product and operations needs.

An extensive transportation network backs our freight forwarding services. Which is reliable, flexible and competitive, ensuring efficient cargo flow and timely delivery to destinations. We provide multi-modal transportation solutions to cater our customers specific needs, which can be utilized as part of the total logistics solution or as a single service.

We arrange an industry-specific and specialist transportation solution that covers movement of chilled and frozen goods, bonded or dangerous goods. These vehicles are shared-used or dedicated as per the requirement of the client.